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RemainderValueStrategyCustomAddress Objects

class RemainderValueStrategyCustomAddress()

Remainder value strategy for custom addresses.


  • address - An address to move the remainder value to.
  • key_index - The address key index.
  • internal - Determines if an address is a public or an internal (change) address.
  • used - Indicates whether an address has been used already.

RemainderValueStrategy Objects

class RemainderValueStrategy(Enum)

Remainder value stragegy variants.


  • ChangeAddress - Allows to move the remainder value to a change address.
  • ReuseAddress - Allows to keep the remainder value on the source address.

TransactionOptions Objects

class TransactionOptions()

Transaction options.


  • remainder_value_strategy - The strategy applied for base coin remainders.
  • tagged_data_payload - An optional tagged data payload.
  • custom_inputs - If custom inputs are provided only those are used. If also other additional inputs should be used, mandatory_inputs should be used instead.
  • mandatory_inputs - Inputs that must be used for the transaction.
  • burn - Specifies what needs to be burned during input selection.
  • note - A string attached to the transaction.
  • allow_micro_amount - Whether to allow sending a micro amount.


def __init__(remainder_value_strategy: Optional[Union[
RemainderValueStrategy, RemainderValueStrategyCustomAddress]] = None,
tagged_data_payload: Optional[TaggedDataPayload] = None,
custom_inputs: Optional[List[OutputId]] = None,
mandatory_inputs: Optional[List[OutputId]] = None,
burn: Optional[Burn] = None,
note: Optional[str] = None,
allow_micro_amount: Optional[bool] = None)

Initialize transaction options.