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The complete reference for IOTA and Shimmer

Build apps capable of taking millions of users on journeys they've never been on before. Simple. Scalable. Secure.


With the IOTA SDK you can easily integrate IOTA into your own applications.


The IOTA SDK provides a convenient and efficient way to interact with nodes in the Shimmer and IOTA networks running the Stardust protocol.

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Core LibrariesCore Libraries

Application Libraries

With the IOTA application libraries you can easily integrate IOTA into your own applications.


The IOTA Identity framework serves as a unifying layer of trust by implementing common standards for Decentralized Identity that work across various DLTs as well as IOTA-specific methods, catering to individuals, organizations, and objects.

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Core LibrariesCore Libraries


Stronghold is an open-source library designed to securely protect digital secrets like IOTA Seeds and private keys, serving as a cryptographic database that adheres to best practices without revealing sensitive information.

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IOTA Smart Contracts

The IOTA Smart Contracts Protocol brings scalable and flexible smart contracts into the IOTA ecosystem. With control over gas fees and privacy settings, supporting both Rust/Wasm and Solidity/EVM smart contracts.

Nodes and extensions

Nodes are the core of an IOTA network. They run the node software, which gives them read and write access to the IOTA network. You can extend their functionality with additional extensions such as INX plugins or the Wasp software for Smart Contracts


Hornet is an easy-to-install node software that offers full node capabilities and network updates, granting you direct access to the IOTA network and contributing to its resilience by validating messages and transactions.

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WASP is an INX plugin you can install and use to run your smart contract chain using the IOTA Smart Contracts protocol.

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Chronicle is a permanode solution that allows you to store and retrieve IOTA messages and data in real time.

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