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BaseCoinBalance Objects

class BaseCoinBalance()

Base coin fields for Balance.


  • total - The total balance.
  • available - The available amount of the total balance.

RequiredStorageDeposit Objects

class RequiredStorageDeposit()

Required storage deposit for the outputs in the account.


  • alias - The required amount for alias outputs.
  • basic - The required amount for basic outputs.
  • foundry - The required amount for foundry outputs.
  • nft - The required amount for nft outputs.

NativeTokensBalance Objects

class NativeTokensBalance()

Native tokens fields for Balance.


  • tokenId - The native token id.
  • total - The total native token balance.
  • available - The available amount of the total native token balance.
  • metadata - Some metadata of the native token.

Balance Objects

class Balance()

The balance of an account.


  • baseCoin - The base coin balance.
  • requiredStorageDeposit - The required storage deposit.
  • nativeTokens - The balances of all native tokens.
  • nfts - All owned NFTs.
  • aliases - All owned aliases.
  • foundries - All owned foundries.
  • potentiallyLockedOutputs - A list of potentially locked outputs.