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InclusionState Objects

class InclusionState(str, Enum)

Inclusion state variants of a transaction.


  • Pending - The transaction is pending.
  • Confirmed - The transaction is confirmed.
  • Conflicting - The transaction is conflicting.
  • UnknownPruned - The transaction is unknown or already pruned.

Transaction Objects

class Transaction()

A transaction with some metadata.


  • payload - The transaction payload.
  • inclusionState - The inclusion state of the transaction.
  • timestamp - The timestamp of the transaction.
  • transactionId - The ID of the corresponding transaction.
  • networkId - The ID of the network this transaction was issued in.
  • incoming - Indicates whether the transaction was created by the wallet or whether it was sent by someone else and is incoming.
  • inputs - The inputs of the transaction.
  • note - A note attached to the transaction.
  • blockId - The ID of the block that holds the transaction.