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NodeInfoMilestone Objects

class NodeInfoMilestone()

Milestone info.


  • index - The milestone index.
  • timestamp - The milestone timestamp.
  • milestoneId - The milestone ID.

NodeInfoStatus Objects

class NodeInfoStatus()

Node status.


  • isHealthy - Whether the node is healthy.
  • latestMilestone - The latest milestone info.
  • confirmedMilestone - The latest confirmed milestone info.
  • pruningIndex - The pruning index of the node.

NodeInfoMetrics Objects

class NodeInfoMetrics()

Node metrics.


  • blocksPerSecond - The blocks per second gossiped in the network.
  • referencedBlocksPerSecond - The referenced blocks per second in the network.
  • referencedRate - The percentage of blocks that get referenced.

RentStructure Objects

class RentStructure()

Rent structure for the storage deposit.


  • vByteCost - The cost of base coin per virtual byte.
  • vByteFactorData - The weight factor used for key fields in the outputs.
  • vByteFactorKey - The weight factor used for data fields in the outputs.

NodeInfoProtocol Objects

class NodeInfoProtocol()

Protocol info.


  • networkName - The human friendly name of the network.
  • bech32Hrp - The HRP prefix used for Bech32 addresses in the network.
  • tokenSupply - TokenSupply defines the current token supply on the network.
  • version - The version of the protocol running.
  • minPowScore - The minimum pow score of the network.
  • rentStructure - The rent structure used by given node/network.

PendingProtocolParameter Objects

class PendingProtocolParameter()

Pending protocol parameters.


  • type - Type of change.
  • targetMilestoneIndex - Milestone index at which the new protocol parameters become active.
  • protocolVersion - The new protocol version.
  • params - The new protocol parameters.

NodeInfoBaseToken Objects

class NodeInfoBaseToken()

The base coin info.


  • name - Name of the base coin.
  • tickerSymbol - Base coin ticker symbol.
  • unit - Base coin unit.
  • decimals - Number of decimals.
  • useMetricPrefix - Whether the coin uses a metric prefix.
  • subunit - Base coin subunit.

NodeInfo Objects

class NodeInfo()

Response from the /info endpoint.


  • name - The name of the node (e.g. Hornet).
  • version - The version of the node.
  • status - The status of the node.
  • metrics - Some node metrics.
  • supportedProtocolVersions - Supported protocol versions by the ndoe.
  • protocol - Information about the running protocol.
  • pendingProtocolParameters - A list of pending (not yet active) protocol parameters.
  • baseToken - Information about the base token.
  • features - List of features supported by the node.

NodeInfoWrapper Objects

class NodeInfoWrapper()

NodeInfo wrapper which contains the node info and the url from the node.


  • nodeInfo - A NodeInfo object.
  • url - The URL of the node.