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PayloadType Objects

class PayloadType(IntEnum)

Block payload types.


  • TreasuryTransaction 4 - A treasury transaction payload.
  • TaggedData 5 - A tagged data payload.
  • Transaction 6 - A transaction payload.
  • Milestone 7 - A milestone payload.

Payload Objects

class Payload()

Initialize a Payload.

MilestonePayload Objects

class MilestonePayload(Payload)

A milestone payload.


  • index - The index of corresponding milestone.
  • timestamp - The timestamp of the corresponding milestone.
  • protocolVersion - The current protocol version.
  • previousMilestoneId - The ID of the previous milestone.
  • parents - The parents of the milestone.
  • inclusionMerkleRoot - The merkle root of all blocks included in the milestone cone.
  • appliedMerkleRoot - The merkle root of all applied transactions in the milestone cone.
  • signatures - The signatures that verify the milestone.
  • options - The milestone options (e.g. receipt milestone option).
  • metadata - Some hex encoded milestone metadata.

TaggedDataPayload Objects

class TaggedDataPayload(Payload)

A tagged data payload.


  • tag - The tag part of the tagged data payload.
  • data - The data part of the tagged data payload.

TransactionPayload Objects

class TransactionPayload(Payload)

A transaction payload.


  • essence - The transaction essence.
  • unlocks - The unlocks of the transaction.