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Contribute to the IOTA SDK

If you're thinking about contributing to the IOTA SDK project, please consider the following ways to get involved.

Join the IOTA Libraries Initiative

The IOTA Libraries Initiative is a collaborative effort aimed at enhancing the developer experience. You can contribute in the following areas:

  • Quality assurance and code review
  • Documentation improvements
  • Code sample creation

To get started, join the #experience channel on Discord.

Contribute to the Project's GitHub Repository

All of the project's code is open source and hosted on GitHub. You can contribute in the following ways:

  • Report any bugs you encounter
  • Suggest new features or enhancements
  • Contribute to the project's documentation

Contribute to the Documentation

The project's documentation is also open source and available on GitHub. If you wish to contribute new documentation or fix any errors, please refer to the contribution guidelines.

Share Your Knowledge

Helping others is a crucial aspect of any open source ecosystem. By sharing your knowledge with the community, you can provide immense value and potentially inspire others to learn and contribute. Join the ongoing discussions in the #libraries channel on Discord.

Your contributions play a vital role in shaping and improving the project. We appreciate your interest and look forward to your valuable contributions!