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Networks & Endpoints

This pages gives an overview around the different networks available in the IOTA ecosystem.

In general, all endpoints are load balanced but are also subject to rate limiting. If you are developing a production level application for IOTA, consider setting up your own infrastructure in order to have more control and to not run into any limits.

IOTA Mainnet

The IOTA Mainnet is the production network within the IOTA ecosystem using the IOTA token.

Base TokenProtocolHTTP REST APIEvent APIPermanode APIFaucet
IOTA TokenChrysalis, https://chrysalis-nodes.iota.cafewss:// (MQTT 3.1, /mqtt)N/AN/A


Shimmer is the staging network for new protocol versions before they hit IOTA Mainnet.

Base TokenProtocolHTTP REST APIEvent APIPermanode APIFaucet
Shimmer TokenStardusthttps://api.shimmer.networkwss:// (MQTT 3.1)https://chronicle.shimmer.networkN/A

Public Testnet

The Public Testnet acts as a test bed for builders without any real world value.

Base TokenProtocolHTTP REST APIEvent APIPermanode APIFaucet
Testnet Tokens (no value)Stardusthttps://api.testnet.shimmer.networkwss:// (MQTT 3.1)https://chronicle.testnet.shimmer.network

Testnet EVM

The Testnet EVM (also called ShimmerEVM Beta) runs as a layer 2 on top of the Public Testnet. This network does not run any IOTA protocol but instead uses ISC to facilitate an Ethereum Virtual Machine and has an enshrined bridge from to layer 1.

Base TokenProtocolRPC URLChain IDFaucetExplorer
Testnet Tokens (no value)ISC / EVMhttps://json-rpc.evm.testnet.shimmer.network1072https://evm-faucet.testnet.shimmer.network


The DevNet is a legacy network running the Chrysalis protocol and is to be decommissioned once IOTA Mainnet runs under Stardust.

Base TokenProtocolHTTP REST APIEvent APIPermanode APIFaucet
Testnet Tokens (no value)Chrysalis, https:// (MQTT 3.1, /mqtt)https://chronicle.testnet.shimmer.network


The legacy IOTA Mainnet still running for the sole purpose to facilitate token migrations into the IOTA Mainnet. See following page for a status on the token migration.

Migration Only

The legacy IOTA Mainnet only allows the creation of migration transactions and can only be used via FireFly.

Base TokenProtocolHTTP REST API
IOTA Token (Unmigrated)Legacy Trinary Protocol