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Version: v1.1

EVM Quickstart Guide

This guide will help you quickly get started with our EVM, where you can deploy and interact with EVM-compatible smart contracts.


Setup MetaMask

Click this button:


Please read the MetaMask section in the tools guide for a detailed guide.

Deploy and Interact with Smart Contracts

Fund your testnet account

If you are using one of the testnets you can just use the the toolkit to get testnet tokens.

  1. Go to the IOTA EVM or ShimmerEVM Testnet Toolkit.
  2. Connect your MetaMask wallet by clicking "Connect Wallet" or paste an EVM address.
  3. Select the account you want to receive testnet tokens.
  4. Click "Send funds" to get testnet tokens.

You can now deploy and interact with smart contracts. Utilize popular development tools and frameworks, such as Hardhat, or Remix, to build, test, and deploy your smart contracts.

Deploy a Smart Contract

Deploy a Solidity Smart Contract following our how to Deploy a Smart Contract guide.

Explore the Network

Visit the corresponding Block Explorer to monitor the chain, track transactions, and explore deployed smart contracts.

Additional Resources

With this quickstart guide, you should now be able to set up and start exploring the EVM. As you begin to deploy and interact with smart contracts, remember to provide feedback on any issues or improvements you discover to help make our EVM even better. Happy developing!