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Version: v1.1

Core Contracts

Wasp Node Core Contracts Overview

There are currently 7 core smart contracts that are always deployed on each chain. These are responsible for the vital functions of the chain and provide infrastructure for all other smart contracts:

  • root: Responsible for the initialization of the chain, maintains registry of deployed contracts.

  • accounts: Manages the on-chain ledger of accounts.

  • blob: Responsible for the registry of binary objects of arbitrary size.

  • blocklog: Keeps track of the blocks and receipts of requests that were processed by the chain.

  • governance: Handles the administrative functions of the chain. For example: rotation of the committee of validators of the chain, fees and other chain-specific configurations.

  • errors: Keeps a map of error codes to error messages templates. These error codes are used in request receipts.

  • evm: Provides the necessary infrastructure to accept Ethereum transactions and execute EVM code.