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Version: v1.3

Testing Smart Contracts with Solo

What is Solo?

Solo is a testing framework that allows developers to validate real smart contracts and entire inter-chain protocols before deploying them on the distributed network.



Go (version 1.20). As Solo tests are written in Go, you must install Go.

Access the Solo Framework

You can access the Solo package by cloning the Wasp repository or installing the Solo package.

Clone the Wasp Repository

Solo is part of the WaspWasp is the node software that implements Smart Contracts on the Tangle. codebase repository. You can access the Solo framework by cloning the repository with the following command:

git clone

After you have cloned the repository, you can access the Solo package in the /packages/solo folder.

Install the Solo Package

You can install the Solo package separately using the following command:

go get
Go Docs

You can browse the Solo Go API reference (updated to the master branch) in go-docs.

Example Contracts

You will need a smart contract to test along with Solo. You can find example implementations of Wasm smart contracts, including source code and tests, in the Wasp repository’s contracts/wasm folder.

The following sections will present some Solo usage examples. You can find the example code in the Wasp repository.

Run *_test Files

You can run *_test files by moving to their directory and running the following command:

go test

If you run this command from the /documentation/tutorial-examples folder, you will run the Tutorial Test, which contains all the examples explained in the following sections.