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Version: v1.3


This section documents the magic contract and all it's interfaces:

Call a Native Contract

You can call native contracts using

pragma solidity >=0.8.5;

import "@iota/iscmagic/ISC.sol";

contract MyEVMContract {
event EntropyEvent(bytes32 entropy);

function callInccounter() public {
ISCDict memory params = ISCDict(new ISCDictItem[](1));
bytes memory int64Encoded42 = hex"2A00000000000000";
params.items[0] = ISCDictItem("counter", int64Encoded42);
ISCAssets memory allowance;"inccounter"),"incCounter"), params, allowance);
} is used to get the hname of the inccounter contract and the incCounter entry point. You can also call view entry points using ISC.sandbox.callView.