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Version: v1.3

The root Contract

The root contract is one of the core contracts on each IOTA Smart Contracts chain.

The root contract is responsible for the initialization of the chain. It is the first smart contract deployed on the chain and, upon receiving the init request, bootstraps the state of the chain. Deploying all of the other core contracts is a part of the state initialization.

The root contract also functions as a smart contract factory for the chain: upon request, it deploys other smart contracts and maintains an on-chain registry of smart contracts in its state. The contract registry keeps a list of contract records containing their respective name, hname, description, and creator.

Entry Points


The constructor. Automatically called immediately after confirmation of the origin transaction and never called again. When executed, this function:

  • Initializes base values of the chain according to parameters.
  • Sets the caller as the chain owner.
  • Deploys all the core contracts.

deployContract(ph ProgramHash, nm Name, ds Description)

Deploys a non-EVM smart contract on the chain if the caller has deployment permission.


  • ph ([32]byte): The hash of the binary blob (that has been previously stored in the blob contract).
  • nm (string): The name of the contract to be deployed, used to calculate the contract's hname. The hname must be unique among all contract hnames in the chain.
  • ds (string): Description of the contract to be deployed.

Any other parameters that are passed to the deployContract function will be passed on to the init function of the smart contract being deployed. Note that this means that the init parameter names cannot be the above ones, as they will have been filtered out.

grantDeployPermission(dp AgentID)

The chain owner grants deploy permission to the agent ID dp.


dp(AgentID): The agent ID.

revokeDeployPermission(dp AgentID)

The chain owner revokes the deploy permission of the agent ID dp.


dp(AgentID): The agent ID.

requireDeployPermissions(de DeployPermissionsEnabled)


  • de (bool): Whether permissions should be required to deploy a contract on the chain.

By default, permissions are enabled (addresses need to be granted the right to deploy), but the chain owner can override this setting to allow anyone to deploy contracts on the chain.


findContract(hn Hname)

Returns the record for a given smart contract with Hname hn (if it exists).


hn: The smart contract’s Hname


  • cf (bool): Whether or not the contract exists.
  • dt (ContractRecord): The requested contract record (if it exists).


Returns the list of all smart contracts deployed on the chain and related records.


A map of Hname => ContractRecord



A ContractRecord is encoded as the concatenation of:

  • Program hash ([32]byte).
  • Contract description (string).
  • Contract name (string).