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MultiSig Wallet


Safe Wallet is a multiSig wallet. The term “ multisig” is short for "multisignature".

The security of cryptocurrency demands greater attention as digital assets gain traction. Individuals and organizations need robust strategies to safeguard their funds. Multisignature (multisig) wallets are emerging as a powerful cybersecurity tool in crypto.

Decentralized digital assets require a different approach to security than traditional finance. Thankfully, innovative technologies like multisig wallets provide an extra layer of protection, allowing you to trade cryptocurrencies on chains like Shimmer EVM or IOTA EVM.

IOTA Sandbox

Why Are Multisig Wallets More Secure?

Traditional crypto wallets rely on a single signature for transactions, making them vulnerable if that key is compromised. Multisig wallets offer superior security by requiring multiple approvals before funds can be moved. This added layer of verification significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized transactions, even if a hacker gains access to one of your keys.

Use Cases for Multisig Wallet

Shared Asset Security

Joint Ownership

Securely manage crypto held jointly by couples, business partners, or organizations. Requires approval from all parties for transactions, preventing unauthorized spending.

Company Funds

For businesses with substantial crypto holdings, enforce multi-approval workflows for withdrawals, minimizing internal theft risk.

Enhanced Threat Protection

Lost/Compromised Keys

Mitigate the impact of lost or compromised keys. Remaining keys can still safeguard funds, unlike single-signature wallets.

Hacking Defense

Add a significant hurdle for attackers. Even with access to one key, they cannot steal funds without additional signatures.

Custodial Account Control

Maintain control over crypto held in exchanges or IRA providers. Multisig wallets ensure withdrawals require approval from both the - user and the custodian, preventing unauthorized access.

Important Considerations

Technical Complexity

Setting up and using multisig wallets requires more technical expertise compared to traditional wallets.

Signatory Balance

Finding the optimal balance between security (more signatories) and practicality (fewer signatories) is crucial.

Individual Suitability

For most individual users with smaller crypto holdings, a standard single-signature wallet might be sufficient.


Learn more about safe accounts in the Safe documentation.

IOTA has its own dedicated MultiSig wallet - safe(Wallet)

Set Up a Safe Account

You can find instructions on setting up a safe account in the Safe documentation.