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Blast API

Blast API is a decentralized platform that provides reliable and scalable node infrastructure for accessing blockchain data. It supports multiple blockchain networks, offering seamless integration and high-performance API endpoints for cross-chain decentralized applications (dApps).

Enhanced Performance and Reliability

Blast API uses a decentralized network of third-party node providers, that ensure high availability and fast response times. This architecture provides resilient infrastructure services crucial for dApps requiring real-time data access.

Multi-Blockchain Support

Besides IOTA EVM, Blast API supports a wide range of blockchain networks, allowing access to multiple blockchains through a single unified platform, therefore simplifying the development process and expanding the potential use cases for dApps.

Archival Nodes

Blast API includes archival nodes, which store all historical transaction data from the blockchain’s genesis block to the present. This allows developers to query and retrieve past information, which is essential for applications needing access to comprehensive blockchain histories.

Blast API Endpoints

You can find a full list of Blast API endpoints in the Networks & Endpoints section.