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Structure: Engine::Vault

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Stronghold Vault‚Äč

Vault is an implementation of a secure database for secrets. From an abstract point of view, each database view is a vault which is a collection of records which are all encrypted using the same key. And a collection of vaults is called a Stronghold.

The vault module defines a Vault type. Each of these vaults is composed of Records. Each Record is split into multiple pieces: an id, a data transaction, an optional revocation transaction and the blob of encrypted data. Internally, the data uses the GuardedVec type from the runtime module to guard the data for when it is accessed from the DbView interface. On the DbView interface there are methods for writing data, updating data and deleting data. To delete a record from a vault, a revocation transaction must be added to a record which marks it for garbage collection via the revoke_record method. The records may then be garbage collected using the garbage_collect_vault method. The write method can be used to both write to a new record or update existing records.

The get_guard method allows the user to insert a closure which accepts the GuardedVec and returns a engine::Result<()>. Through this closure, the user can interact with the GuardedVec to manipulate the data. The exec_proc method is a version of get_guard that accepts two vault locations, vault keys and also a closure of type FnOnce(GuardedVec<u8>) -> crate::Result<Vec<u8>>. This method places the result of the closure into the newly specified Record in the vault.