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IOTA Stronghold is a secure software implementation with the sole purpose of isolating digital secrets from exposure to hackers and accidental leaks.

Specification: SCOPE

Stronghold is a secure software implementation with the sole purpose of isolating the seed, private keys, personally identifiable information (PII) and policy records from exposure to the genuinely hostile environment of user devices.


This section describes the scope of the project and includes working documents on engineering and requirements specifications.

Structure: Client

The official client layer of Stronghold provides an Actix actor model system for easy Interface as well as functional pass-through to Stronghold's internal actor system.

Structure: Engine

Engine is the platform-agnostic collection of low-level modules with which application architects can build higher-level implementations of Strongholds for a variety of purposes.

Structure: Engine::Snapshot

The snapshot crate defines and implements the encrypted offline storage format used by the Stronghold ecosystem.

Structure: Engine::Vault

Vault is an implementation of a secure database for secrets, each database view is a vault which is a collection of records which are all encrypted using the same key.A collection of vaults is called a Stronghold.

Structure: Runtime

Runtime aims to provide utilities for performing computations as securely as possible with respect to the underlying operating system. The crate provides three primary Types for guarding data; GuardedVec, Guarded, and Secret.

Structure: Utils

The Utils crate contains common utilities for the stronghold libraries.