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Stronghold features a simple read-evaluate print loop (REPL) to showcase basic operations from an interaction command shell-like environment. The REPL maintains a state of a running Stronghold instance to store secrets or configuration data.

You can start REPL from a terminal inside the root folder of Stronghold by running the following command:

cargo run --example repl

Available Commands‚Äč

Help Messages

Each command will show a short help message, if the entered command or parameters are incorrect.

You can use the following commands:

help-Display a help message.
initclient_pathInitializes the underlying Stronghold system.
keygenkey_type vault_path record_pathGenerates a "ed25510" or "x25519" key at a location composed of "vault_path" and "record_path".
backuppath_to_snapshot_location passphraseWrites the current Stronghold state to "path_to_snapshot_location" (a path) with "passphrase".
restorepath_to_snapshot_location passphraseLoads the current Stronghold state from "path_to_snapshot_location" (a path) with "passphrase".
slip10genvault_path record_path
slip10derivechain vault_path_origin record_path_origin vault_path_derive record_path_deriveDerives a new key from old location and stores it into the new location. The key will be derived from the provided chain code.
mnemonic-Creates a BIP39 mnemonic and generates a seed.
quit-Exits the REPL.
checkrecordvault_path record_pathChecks a record inside the vault. The command will return yes if the record exists or no if it doesn't.
checkvaultvault_pathChecks for the presence of a vault.