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Recover a BIP39 Seed with a Mnemonic and Optional Passphrase

Run the Example

You can recover a BIP39 seed with provided mnemonic and optional passphrase by running the following command from within the client crate. Stronghold will store the recovered seed at the provided path.

cargo run --example cli bip39-recover --path "/path/to/snapshot.file" --client-path "client-path-0" --key "passphrase-for-snapshot" --mnemonic "けさき にんか せっさたくま よかん たいまつばな ちんもく そだてる ふっこく せっさたくま しゃおん そがい つうはん まなぶ りくぐん さのう" --passphrase "mnemonic-passphrase-if-present" --vault-path "vault-path" --record-path "record-path"

Expected Output

[2022-03-28T08:35:13Z INFO  cli] Loading snapshot
[2022-03-28T08:35:13Z INFO cli] Recovering BIP39
[2022-03-28T08:35:13Z INFO cli] BIP39 Recovery successful? true

Example Code