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Stardust TIPs

The following Tangle Improvement Proposals (TIPs) are currently implemented in the Stardust protocol.

The Status of a TIP reflects its current state with respect to its progression to being supported on the IOTA mainnet.

  • Draft TIPs are work in progress. They may or may not have a working implementation on a testnet.
  • Proposed TIPs are demonstrated to have a working implementation. These TIPs are supported on Shimmer, the staging network of IOTA.
#TitleDescriptionTypeLayerStatusInitial Target
18Multi-Asset Ledger and ISC SupportTransform IOTA into a multi-asset ledger that supports running IOTA Smart ContractsStandardsCoreProposedStardust
19Dust Protection Based on Byte CostsPrevent bloating the ledger size with dust outputsStandardsCoreProposedStardust
20Transaction Payload with New Output TypesUTXO-based transaction structure with TIP-18StandardsCoreProposedStardust
21Serialization PrimitivesIntroduce primitives to describe the binary serialization of objectsStandardsCoreProposedStardust
22IOTA Protocol ParametersDescribes the global protocol parameters for the IOTA protocolStandardsCoreDraftStardust
23Tagged Data PayloadPayload for arbitrary dataStandardsCoreProposedStardust
24Tangle BlockA new version of TIP-6 that renames messages to blocks and removes the Indexation Payload in favor of the Tagged Data Payload. Replaces TIP-6.StandardsCoreProposedStardust
25Core REST APINode Core REST API routes and objects in OpenAPI Specification. Replaces TIP-13.StandardsInterfaceProposedStardust
26UTXO Indexer REST APIUTXO Indexer REST API routes and objects in OpenAPI Specification.StandardsInterfaceProposedStardust
27IOTA NFT standardsDefine NFT metadata standard, collection system and creator royaltiesStandardsIRCProposedStardust
28Node Event APINode event API definitions in AsyncAPI Specification. Replaces TIP-16.StandardsInterfaceProposedStardust
29Milestone PayloadMilestone Payload with keys removed from essence. Replaces TIP-8.StandardsCoreProposedStardust
30Native Token Metadata StandardA JSON schema that describes token metadata format for native token foundriesStandardsIRCProposedStardust
31Bech32 Address Format for IOTA and ShimmerExtendable address format supporting various signature schemes and address types. Replaces TIP-11.StandardsInterfaceProposedStardust
32Shimmer Protocol ParametersDescribes the global protocol parameters for the Shimmer networkStandardsCoreProposedStardust
33Public Token RegistryDefines an open public registry for NFT collection ID and native tokens metadataStandardsIRCDraftStardust
34Wotsicide (Stardust update)Define migration from legacy W-OTS addresses to post-Chrysalis networks. Replaces TIP-17.StandardsCoreProposedStardust
35Local Snapshot File Format (Stardust Update)File format to export/import ledger state. Replaces TIP-9.StandardsInterfaceProposedStardust
37Dynamic Proof-of-WorkDynamically adapt the PoW difficultyStandardsCoreDraftStardust