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Create a Seed Mnemonic

About Mnemonics

Mnemonics are a popular method for generating cryptographic seeds in a more user-friendly way. A mnemonic phrase, seed phrase, or recovery phrase is a sequence of words that users can easily write down and verify. These words are carefully selected from a predefined wordlist to ensure compatibility across different wallets and systems.

The IOTA SDK uses the BIP39, BIP44 and SLIP10 standards to generate addresses and sign transactions. This means that the SDK can deterministically derive the seed from a mnemonic or seed phrase, making it easier for your users to write down or remember.

Example Code

You can use the the Client::generate_mnemonic() function to generate a random mnemonic.


Full Example Code


Expected Output

Mnemonic: defy forest author famous found replace salad apple trial alien agent crush little east slim seminar icon wall tumble online knee test beyond gloom