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Welcome to INX-POI

INX-POI enables you to generate and verify Proof-of-Inclusion of blocks in the Tangle. Given a piece of data or transaction and the proof, you can verify whether it was included in the TangleA data structure based on a DAG used to store blocks and their relations. The Tangle is the core underlying data structure of IOTA. at any given time.


The recommended setup is to use the provided Docker images. These images are also used in our HORNET recommended setup using Docker.


The extension will connect to your local HORNET instance by default.

You can find all the configuration options in the configuration section.


The extension exposes a custom set of REST APIs that you can use to generate or validate proofs.

You can find more information about the API in the API reference section.

Source Code

The source code of the project is available on GitHub.