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Welcome to HORNET

HORNET is a powerful, easy to install node software written in Go. It provides the full node capabilities including full support of the latest network updates.

Welcome to INX-api-core-v1

INX-api-core-v1 provides historical tangle data from a hornet chrysalis database via IOTA chrysalis API.

Welcome to INX-Faucet

INX-Faucet is a faucet application for test and development networks as well as for private networks.

Welcome to INX-Indexer

INX-Indexer is a ledger indexing tool to provide structured and queryable data to wallets and other applications.

Welcome to INX-POI

INX-POI enables you to generate and verify Proof-of-Inclusion of blocks in the Tangle.

Welcome to INX-Spammer

INX-Spammer is a tool to generate transactions in the network thereby increasing reference and confirmation rates.