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Welcome to INX-Dashboard

INX-Dashboard is a node configuration dashboard for node owners. It provides an overview of your nodes health and allows you to manage peers and plugins. You can browse the nodes database with the built-in explorer and check the current tangle activity in the visualizer.


The recommended setup is to use the provided Docker images. These images are also used in our HORNET recommended setup using Docker.


The dashboard is configured by default to connect to your HORNET instance. It exposes the web UI on port 8081 by default.

The dashboard provides built-in access control that can be configured by setting the dashboard.auth.passwordHash and dashboard.auth.passwordSalt values in your config.json.


You can use hornet tool pwd-hash to generate a set of credentials to use in your config.json.

Check the Set dashboard credentials section of the recommended setup to learn how to configure your credentials.

You can find all the configuration options in the configuration section.

Source Code

The source code of the project is available on GitHub.