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IOTA Legacy Migration Tool


The IOTA Legacy Migration Tool is a standalone app to help you migrate your tokens from the legacy IOTA network to the current IOTA Mainnet running the Stardust protocol. The new tool allows users to migrate from an 81-character seed, a Trinity seed vault file, or a Ledger device.

After successful migration, you must then use a trusted wallet, like Firefly, Bloom or TanglePay, and import your new mnemonic, Stronghold, or Ledger device.

The IOTA Legacy Migration Tool is a standalone app, not a wallet. When you enter your 81-character seed into the tool, it generates a new mnemonic and provides a Stronghold file. These are not tied to a specific wallet, giving you the flexibility to use them with various wallets, such as Firefly, Bloom, TanglePay, or any wallet of your choice.

The migration period started on 21 February 2024. The IOTA Foundation will regularly review the tool's demand before deciding on its future availability. Therefore, to ensure a smooth transition to the Stardust network, you should start your migration in a timely manner since other forms of migration may be costly and less convenient.

Migration Process Overview

Storage Deposits

If you have lots of small amounts of $IOTA (<1Mi) spread across lots of addresses, it may not be possible to migrate these small amounts if their total is less than the minimum required storage deposit on the Stardust network.

Enter Your Seed

To initiate migration, you must enter your legacy seed in the IOTA Legacy Migration Tool and follow the step-by-step instructions.

Get Your New Address

After entering your seed into the IOTA Legacy Migration Tool, a new mnemonic and Stronghold file will be created, and an Ed25519 address specific to the Stardust network will be generated for your tokens. This address will be the receiving address for the migrated tokens, so you really must write down the mnemonic and save the Stronghold file.

Software Profiles vs Ledger Devices

Most users will follow the same process when using the IOTA Legacy Migration Tool, regardless of whether they use software profiles or a Ledger device. Some users may follow a slightly different process but, even with these differences taken into account, the transition has been designed to be as simple as possible. There are built-in options to help you throughout the process, outlined below on a case-by-case basis.

Users with Software Profiles

  1. Input seed or .kdbx file into the IOTA Legacy Migration Tool desktop app.
  2. Check whether the balance is correct.
  3. Create a new password for your Stronghold file.
  4. The IOTA Legacy Migration Tool will generate a mnemonic and Stronghold backup file; you should save these in a safe place.
  5. Initiate the automated migration process.
  6. Export Migration Log and Stronghold Backup.

Users with Ledger Devices

  1. Connect your Ledger device to your computer.
  2. Install both the IOTA Legacy App (0.5.8) and the new IOTA App v0.8.6 on your Ledger device using Ledger Live.
  3. Close Ledger Live, open the new IOTA App on your Ledger device, and generate a Stardust address.
  4. Switch to the legacy Ledger App and verify the accuracy of your balance.
  5. Initiate the automated migration process.

Migration Process Step-By-Step

First, download the IOTA Legacy Migration Tool ( available on Windows, Mac, or Linux). You’ll be presented with three options to load your existing seed into the IOTA Legacy Migration Tool: importing a text backup, a file backup, or your Ledger device backup.

Software Profile Migrate Funds StartSoftware Profile Migrate Funds Start

Users with Software Profiles

If you use a software profile, you need to restore a backup file or a text backup.

Restore a File Backup

Import a Trinity SeedVault file (with the extension .kdbx).

Restore a Text Backup

If you select the text backup option, you’ll be prompted to enter your seed before continuing.

Enter your 81-character IOTA seedEnter your 81-character IOTA seed

Confirm Your Balance

Once you’ve entered your seed (or SeedVault), you can check if your balance is correct before beginning the migration. If it is not correct, hit “Check Again”.


If the balance is zero, check whether you mistyped your seed.

Confirm your balanceConfirm your balance

Create a Stronghold Password

After confirming your seed balance, you should create a password for your Stronghold backup file used for protecting your funds and restoring from backup. It’s important to back up your wallet to make sure you can always access your funds.

Create a Stronghold PasswordCreate a Stronghold Password

Back Up Your Wallet With a Mnemonic

You can now begin the backup process. The first step is generating a 24-word recovery phrase (mnemonic) and the Stronghold backup file. The recovery phrase will help you retrieve your funds should you lose access to your wallet and other backups. But the recovery phrase and Stronghold file do more than just provide a backup: you can use either one to access your funds in your preferred wallet post-migration, whether it's Firefly, Bloom or TanglePay, or any other compatible wallet of your choice.

Back up your walletBack up your wallet

It is recommended that you print the “Recovery Kit Template” to help you write down your recovery phrase.

Copy Your Mnemonic

Copy the mnemonic words in their exact order. It is important that you keep a physical copy because digital files can fail.

Copy your mnemonicCopy your mnemonic

Verify Your Mnemonic

Next, verify your recovery phrase to ensure you copied it correctly.

Verify your mnemonic Verify your mnemonic

Back Up to a Stronghold File

Finally, you’ll be prompted to back up to a Stronghold file by entering your wallet password. Having both a digital and physical backup is the best way to ensure you can always restore your wallet.

Back up to StrongholdBack up to Stronghold

Begin the Migration

Now, let's begin the migration of your funds. Since this is an automated process, you only need to select the Begin Migration button. You can select Learn about the migration if you have any further questions.

Start the migrationStart the migration

Be patient! The next step could take a few moments.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully migrated your funds to the Stardust network.

Migration CompleteMigration Complete
Export Migration Logs and Stronghold

To ensure a comprehensive record of your migration, we recommend that you export the migration log and Stronghold file.

Export Migration Log

Generate a detailed record of your migration journey by clicking on Export Migration Log. Save this log for future reference or as documentation of your successful transition.

Export Stronghold File

Secure your Stronghold file by clicking on Export Stronghold File. This file is essential for accessing your tokens and should be stored securely. This file can be imported into any wallet, ensuring versatile access to your assets.

Users with Ledger devices

Select the Ledger Backup Option

Select I have a Ledger backup and then Continue on the next page.

Select I have a Ledger backupSelect I have a Ledger backup

Check for the Required Ledger Apps

The IOTA Legacy Migration Tool will now instruct you to make sure you have both the new IOTA App and the IOTA Legacy App installed through Ledger Live.

Check for ledger appsCheck for ledger apps

In Ledger Live, open the "Manager" tab and allow the manager onto your device by pressing both buttons together. Make sure your Ledger firmware is up to date. Then, search for "iota" and install the latest version of both apps.


If you don’t have space on your device, you can safely uninstall other cryptocurrency apps and reinstall them later.

Apps InstalledApps Installed

Once installed, close Ledger Live and hit Yes, I've installed these apps in the IOTA Legacy Migration Tool. Open the new IOTA app on your device and, on the next page, press Continue.

Connect your Ledger to the IOTA Legacy Migration ToolConnect your Ledger to the IOTA Legacy Migration Tool

Generate and Confirm Your New Address

On the next page, you can generate a new Stardust address to send your tokens. Make sure the address in the IOTA Legacy Migration Tool matches the one on your ledger device. Confirm it matches by pressing both buttons on your device when prompted.

Generate a Stardust AddressGenerate a Stardust AddressConfirm your Stardust AddressConfirm your Stardust Address

Begin Migrating Your Tokens on the Legacy App

Now, it’s time to switch back to the Legacy app on your device and begin migrating your tokens.

Begin Migrating Your Tokens on the Legacy AppBegin Migrating Your Tokens on the Legacy App

Select your account index

On the following page, select the account index you used with Trinity. For most users, this will be the default index in Trinity, which was 0. If you have more than one index, you can migrate them after you’ve finished migrating the first index.

Select Your Account IndexSelect Your Account Index

Check your balance

After you've selected your account index, check if your balance is correct before beginning the migration. This can take a few minutes.

Ensure your Ledger Nano displays Generating address... on the device screen. If nothing is happening on your device, disconnect and reconnect the device, and try again.

If your balance is still incorrect after the address has been generated, hit Check Again.

Once you are happy with your balance, press Continue.

Zero balance

If the balance is zero, you likely selected the wrong account index.

Check Your BalanceCheck Your Balance

Hit Begin Migration

Once you have reviewed and confirmed your balance, hit Begin Migration.

Hit Begin MigrationHit Begin Migration

Confirm the Migration Transaction

You’ll need to confirm the transaction by checking the information displayed in the IOTA Legacy Migration Tool against what is displayed on your device. Scroll through, make sure it matches, and approve the transaction by pressing both buttons on the device.

Confirm the Migration Transaction Confirm the Migration Transaction

Once approved, the IOTA Legacy Migration Tool will transfer your tokens to your new Stardust address.


This step can take a few minutes.

Your Funds Have Been MigratedYour Funds Have Been Migrated
Export Migration Log

To ensure a comprehensive migration record, we recommend clicking on Export Migration Log to generate a detailed record of your migration history. Save this log for future reference or as documentation of your successful transition.

Migrate Another Account Index

If you have more than one account index, you can begin migrating the next one by pressing Migrate another profile.


Once you’ve migrated all your account indexes, you can safely remove the IOTA Legacy App from your Ledger device.


Migrating Multiple Transactions

If when you reach the step where you check your balance, and it's correct, but find that you have multiple bundles to migrate.


This scenario can occur due to the large number of addresses that need to be migrated.

Multiple transactions to MigrateMultiple transactions to Migrate

Select Migrate funds to sort this out, and the IOTA Legacy Migration Tool will handle all the necessary transactions.

Migrate multiple transactionsMigrate multiple transactions

You can then continue to a successful migration.

Continue migratingContinue migrating

Addressing Balance Challenges

Insufficient Balance for MigrationInsufficient Balance for Migration

If your balance appears incorrect, click Check Again to locate your funds.

Storage Deposits on Stardust

For a successful migration, a balance of minimum required storage deposit is required due to Stardust’s dust protection policy.

Insufficient Balance for MigrationInsufficient Balance for Migration

Ledger Users: Threshold Considerations

This section concerns Ledger device users with funds greater than the Minimum Required Storage Deposit on the Stardust network but less than the 1Mi legacy network threshold.

1Mi > Balance > Storage Deposit1Mi > Balance > Storage Deposit

Due to limitations of the legacy network, addresses holding amounts below the migratable threshold (1Mi) will display an input amount of 1 IOTA on their Ledger devices during the migration process.

Threshold warningThreshold warning

Despite this discrepancy, users can confirm the transaction on their Ledger devices, ensuring the secure transfer of their assets to the new network.

Migration SuccessfulMigration Successful