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Community Links

The IOTA Ecosystem offers various ways to support its growth and expansion. This page provides a non-exhaustive collection of ideas and opportunities for individuals to contribute to the ecosystem's development.

Social Media Platforms

To engage with the IOTA Foundation and ecosystem projects, follow, subscribe, and interact with official channels on the following social media platforms. Please exercise caution and only engage with officially supported channels to avoid scammers.

  • Discord: Join the IOTA Community on the IOTA Discord server to connect with the IOTA Foundation members and the vibrant IOTA community.
  • Twitter: Sign up for Twitter, follow the IOTA Foundation and Shimmer. Engage with these accounts and other interesting IOTA-related projects by liking and retweeting their posts.
  • LinkedIn: Create a LinkedIn account, follow the IOTA Foundation. Like and share articles from the IOTA Foundation and other ecosystem members to raise awareness within your professional network.
  • YouTube: Sign up for a YouTube account, subscribe to the IOTA Foundation channel. Watch, learn, and share videos about solutions built with IOTA. Find more platforms here and learn how you can support the vision here.

Join the IOTA X-Teams

The IOTA X-Teams aim to bridge the gap between the IOTA Foundation's development teams and the community. By participating in the IOTA X-Teams, you can actively contribute to the software development process and help shape the future of IOTA. Read more about it here.


Starring repositories on GitHub helps indicate the popularity and quality of a project. Consider starring the following repositories related to IOTA:

By engaging with the IOTA ecosystem on social media, participating in the IOTA X-Teams, and supporting projects on crypto platforms and GitHub, you can contribute to the growth and development of the IOTA Project.

IOTA Community GitHub

The IOTA community developers are invited to host their projects under the IOTA Community GitHub Organization.

This aims to give community developers more visibility and makes it easier to find community projects developing on IOTA. If you want to list your community project as an open-source-code Repository here, get in touch with Antonio Nardella, our community manager to request a listing.