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The IOTA X-Teams

IOTA X-Teams

Sustainable open source software is always, first and foremost, a community effort. By its very nature, the health of every project in this domain has as much to do with those consuming the code as it has to do with those maintaining it.

At the IOTA Foundation, we want to open up a feedback loop between our internal development teams and, you, the amazing people doing wonderful things with the protocol. By bringing some of the “real world” back into the development processes, the vision is to offer the opportunity for you to become intimately involved in preparing software for its transition from Alpha to a Full Release.

As a member of the IOTA Experience Team, you won’t be met with demands or endless formalities. By participating in the IOTA X-Teams, you will be empowered to speak as a voice for the community and guide development processes. And at the end of the day, you will have helped yourself, the IOTA Foundation, and the whole community to more solid, intuitive, and useful technologies.

The IOTA X-Teams offer the possibility for engaged community members to take a more active part in the IOTA Project(for example in preparing software for its transition from Alpha to a Full Release). The 100 % community-driven approach gives members the chance to organize Teams and work together on all kinds of tasks to strengthen the IOTA Ecosystem.

The IOTA Foundation engages here with the members and a lot of successful projects and developments have emerged out of this space already.

More information can be found in the #experience Channel in the IOTA Discord and in the IOTA Experience Teams Github Repository

Join our initiatives to improve the IOTA Experience. We want to invite community members to get involved with this initiative. If you are interested in contributing please complete this form: X-Team application

You don't necessarily need to be a developer to take part in the initiative. Every IOTA community member that is willing to contribute is welcome and can find a team and a task that fits the skills.