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IOTA Social Media

The IOTA project has established a social media presence on all popular social media channels. These are the presences handled by the IOTA Foundation:


The official IOTA Foundation Twitter Account is this one here, which will provide the newest developments, announcements, and information regarding the IOTA Project:

IOTA Foundation Twitter

The engineering Team of the IOTA Foundation shares updates and reports their progress in an own Twitter account:

IOTA Engineering

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IOTA Foundation has produced a big amount of excellent content to explain and inform interested users about the IOTA Technology. Also regularly Live Streams happen to different topics at the following YouTube channel:

IOTA Foundation

We hope you enjoy the content and subscribe.


The IOTA community on Reddit meets in its own Subreddit to discuss everything related to the project:

IOTA Subreddit

Stack Exchange

IOTA runs a Forum on Stack Exchange - get into the discussion and find answers to your questions:

IOTA Stack Exchange


Follow the IOTA Foundation on Instagram on the official account:

IOTA Instagram


The company account of IOTA Foundation can be found here. See recent job postings and engage on business level:

IOTA Foundation LinkedIn


On Twitch, our Developer Experience expert Kumar Anirudha codes Decentralised applications, and talks about programming and products. Please bear in mind that this is a technical stream.


Security Disclaimer

Please be always cautious on Social Media. Only the sites linked here are officially supported channels and should be used to engage with the IOTA Foundation. Many scammers on social media will declare to be official representatives of the project, but we advise you to be very cautious.

No employee of the IOTA Foundation will ever actively approach you in private messages. Never share personal and private secret information like passwords or your IOTA Seed with anyone on social media. The IOTA Foundation members and moderators of those social media channels will never ask you for this information. Sadly impersonators cannot be detected directly, so we ask you to report suspicious contacts and approaches to the moderators/admins of the sites so that these accounts can be banned.