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The Wiki allows you to create your docs. This How-To will explain how it works, how to add a new version, and how to maintain versions.

Add Version

To add a new version, create a new folder inside docs in your project folder with the version as its name. For Example, docs/build/ This folder should contain a new docs folder and a new sidebars.js file.


You can copy an old version or copy from another project and edit everything to your needs.

After that, open the versionedConfig.js file, look for your project config, and add a new version in the following format:

label: '2.0',
badges: ['IOTA', 'Shimmer'],
// Here, you can add any custom Docusaurus plugin-content-docs option like excludes, includes, etc. For a full list of options, visit:
// You can also add a banner that will show up on all pages above the title.
//bannerPath: path.resolve(
// __dirname,
// 'banners/some_nice_markdown.mdx',

Tag Version

The wiki versioning uses the order of versions and their tags to show which network is compatible and which version is the main version of the corresponding network. So always sort your plugins from new to old and properly tag them. The main IOTA version is the first one, including the IOTA tag. The main Shimmer version is the first one, including the Shimmer tag.

Version URL Paths

By default, the main IOTA version is accessible at<your-project>/ as this is the stable release, but as with all other versions, it is also reachable over its version:<your-project>/<main-iota-version> For convenience, the main version of each version is also always reachable through<your-project>/iota or<your-project>/shimmer in case you want to link to the newest version of a corresponding network.