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Create an Issue

As any GitHub repository, the wiki has associated issues. You can create the following issue types.

Bug Report

You can create a bug report to let the wiki team know that something is wrong. Some examples of bug reports are dead links, Misaligned texts or buttons, partially visible elements, missing buttons or sections, and typos.

It is important that you provide all the steps you followed so whoever works on the bug is able to reproduce it. You should also provide details as to what device, browser and OS you were using as these may be relevant.

Request a Feature

You can request a feature to let the wiki team know what you would like them to implement to the wiki. Some examples of features are implementing an image gallery, changing a components behaviour or adding support for a new media type.

If you want your feature request to be successful, you should provide as much detail as possible so whoever works on it can understand what you want properly. Ideally, you should provide some form of solution rather than just raise a problem. However, if you don't know how to resolve the issue, but you managed to identify it, this is also helpful.

Request a Topic

You can request a topic to the wiki team know that you'd like to add a topic to the wiki repository. Topics can be managed by the repository admins, and are used to classify the repository. Helpful topics to classify a repository include the repository's intended purpose, subject area, community, or language.