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How To Add A Quiz

You can simply add a Quiz to every page you like in the Wiki!

Example Quiz

Question 1/4

What is the capital of France?

Add Your Quiz

Just add the following lines on top of the page.

import Quiz from '@site/src/components/Quiz';
import questions from './example-questions.json';

Make sure that the Quiz path fits your folder structure. You may need to remove or add some ../.

Add your questions in a seperate .json file with the following format:

"questionText": "First Question?",
"answerOptions": [
{ "answerText": "1. Answer", "isCorrect": false },
{ "answerText": "2. Answer", "isCorrect": false },
{ "answerText": "3. Answer", "isCorrect": true },
{ "answerText": "4. Answer", "isCorrect": false }

Now you need to include the Quiz components where you want to show it

## Your Quiz

<Quiz questions={questions} />

That's all. Congratulations, you have created your own Quiz!