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The testnet is deployed for the community to use for testing and interacting with smart contracts.

unscheduled network resets

While we are in active development we might update and reset this chain at any time without prior notice; Keep this in mind while testing.


This testnet is deployed on the Shimmer Beta Network (testnet). Multiple committee nodes do the work for the chain and multiple access nodes are exposed via the endpoints listed below. We do throttle the endpoints to prevent overloading the testnet because we are looking for functionality testing more than stress testing.


You can access the testnet via the following endpoints:

Configuring wasp-cli

Initialize wasp-cli

You will need to initialize wasp-cli to create a seed that will be used to generate addresses.

wasp-cli init

Configure for the test chain

Next, you should tell wasp-cli how to reach our test chain:

wasp-cli set l1.apiaddress
wasp-cli set l1.faucetaddress
wasp-cli set chains.testchain rms1prr4r7az8e46qhagz5atugjm6x0xrg27d84677e3lurg0s6s76jr59dw4ls
wasp-cli set chain testchain

Request Funds

To deploy a smart contract, you will need some funds. The wasp-cli tool makes this easy on our testnet. Run the following command to request some funds.

wasp-cli request-funds

Interact with EVM

We have deployed an experimental EVM chain that you can interact with. To begin, add a custom network to Metamask with the following configuration:

Chain ID1076

The other values (network name and currency symbol) can be whatever value you like.

We have a faucet for you to use directly with your EVM address which can be found on We also have a withdrawal interface to get any native assets deposited to a EVM chain back into your L1 address on the same link.