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This section describes all the configuration parameters which you can customize in your Integration Service Kubernetes instance. Please keep in mind that all values must be changed before deployment. If your Kubernetes instance is already running, you should run the following command to load your most recent configuration:

kubectl apply -f kubernetes/optional -f kubernetes/ -f kubernetes/kong-gw


You can connect the Integration Service APIs to any MongoDB database by changing the following parameters in kubernetes/is-config.yaml file :

  • DATABASE_URL with the connection string
  • DATABASE_NAME with the database name

The default values reference a single-instance MongoDB instance that is deployed using kubernetes/optional/mongo-*.yaml files in the default namespace.


The Integration Services APIs are protected by a fixed api key. Furthermore, the data on database is encrypted using a server key.

Both of these keys are defined in the is-secrets.yaml file and are base64 encoded, so you can obtain them with by running the follwing command:

echo -n ...SERVER_SECRET_KEY or API_KEY... | base64

The default values are:

  • 7w9gfhb123jngh4gd53z465fewcs569e as SERVER_SECRET.
  • 7w9gfhb123jngh4gd53z465fewcs569e as JWT_SECRET.
  • 4ed59704-9a26-11ec-a749-3f57454709b9 as API_KEY.

Number of Replicas

You can set up the initial number of replicas in the .spec.replicas field in kubernetes/audit-trail-deployment.yaml file and kubernetes/ssi-bridge-deployment.yaml file .

Private Tangle

You can reference your own private IOTA node (either from the mainnet tangle or a private one) by the IOTA_PERMA_NODE and IOTA_HORNET_NODE fields in the kubernetes/is-config.yaml file .