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This is the documentation for the official IOTA Streams software. You can read more about core principles behind IOTA Streams in the following blog post.

streams is an organizational tool for structuring and navigating secure data through the Tangle. Streams organizes data by ordering it in a uniform and interoperable structure Needless to say, it is also based on our official one-source-code-of-truth IOTA Rust library.


This library is in active development. The library targets the Chrysalis network and does not work with the IOTA legacy network.

More information about Chrysalis components is available at documentation portal.

Joining the discussion

If you want to get involved in discussions about this library, or you're looking for support, go to the #streams-discussion channel on Discord.

What you will find here

This documentation has five paths:

  1. The Overview, an detailed overview of the streams library.
  2. Libraries, all avaiable programming languages and their resources.
  3. The Specification, detailed explaination requirements and functionality.
  4. Contribute, how you can work on the streams software.
  5. Get in touch, join the community and become part of the X-Team!