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Getting Started With Node.js

Password Storage

It is not recommended to store passwords or seeds on a host's environment variables or in the source code in a production setup. Please follow our backup and security recommendations for production use.

The IOTA Wallet Node.js binding is published on


One of:

Install the Library

The package is published in npmjs. We also use dotenv for password management in the examples.


To install with npm, you can run the following command:

npm install @iota/wallet dotenv


To install with yarn, you can run the following command:

yarn install @iota/wallet dotenv

Use the Library

After you have installed the library, you can create a AccountManager instance and interface with it.

const accountManagerOptions = {
storagePath: './alice-database',
clientOptions: {
nodes: [''],
localPow: true,
coinType: CoinType.Shimmer,
secretManager: {
stronghold: {
snapshotPath: `./wallet.stronghold`,
password: `${process.env.SH_PASSWORD}`,

const manager = new AccountManager(accountManagerOptions);

What's Next?

Now that you are up and running, you can get acquainted with the library using its how-to guides and the repository's code examples.