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Getting Started

You can use this section to get your wallet up and running in the programming language of your choice, connect to the testnet, explore the network, and get test tokens to develop your application.

Connect to the Testnet API

We recommended that you start your interactions with Shimmer on a testnet network. The testnet will allow you to safely get acquainted with the library, without the risk of losing any funds if you make a mistake along the way.

You can use this public load-balanced Shimmer Testnet API:

Explore the Network

You can use the Shimmer Tangle Explorer to view transactions and data stored in the Tangle.

Get Test Tokens

In order to properly test value-based transactions on testnet network, you are going to need some tokens. You can get some testnet tokens through the Shimmer Faucet.

Available Programming Languages

The library is written in Rust, and also has convenient bindings in Node.js, Java and Python. Each of these languages has specific instructions you will need to follow to use in your project.