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If you want to contribute to this repository, consider posting a bug report, feature request, or a pull request.

You can talk to us directly on our Discord server, in the #smartcontracts-dev channel.

Creating a Pull Request

Please base your work on the develop branch.

Before creating a pull request ensure that all tests pass locally, and that the linter reports no violations.

Running Tests

To run tests locally, execute one of the following commands:

go test -short -tags rocksdb ./...

or, as an alternative:

make test-short

The commands above execute a subset of all available tests. If you introduced major changes, consider running the whole test suite instead, with make test or make test-full (these can take several minutes, so go and grab a coffee!).

Running the Linter


Step 1: Install golintci

See the provider instructions on how to install golintci.

Step 2: Set Up Your Environment

See the provider instructions on how to integrate golintci into your source code editor. You can also find our recommended settings for VS Code and GoLand at the bottom of this article.


To run the linter locally, execute:

golangci-lint run


make lint

The linter will also automatically run every time you run:


False Positives

You can disable false positives by placing a special comment directly above the "violating" element:

func foobar() *string {
// ...

To be sure that linter will not ignore actual issues in the future, try to suppress only relevant warnings over an element. Also explain the reason why the nolint is needed. E.g.:

//nolint:unused // This is actually used by the xyz tool
func foo() *string {
// ...

Visual Studio Code

Adjust your VS Code settings as follows:

// required:
"go.lintTool": "golangci-lint",
// recommended:
"go.lintOnSave": "package"
"go.lintFlags": ["--fix"],
"editor.formatOnSave": true,


  1. Install the golintci plugin.

A screenshot that shows how to install golintci in GoLand.

  1. Configure path for golangci.

A screenshot that shows how to configure path for golangci in GoLand.

  1. Add a golangci file watcher with a custom command. We recommend you to use it with the --fix parameter.

A screenshot that shows how to add a golangci file watcher in GoLand.