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IOTA Stardust Guides

Overall Changes from IOTA 1.5 (Chrysalis) to Stardust in a Nutshell

  • Revised output types and extended ledger model that allows tokenization and smart contract anchoring. Read more in TIP-18.
  • New dust protection mechanism based on virtual byte cost. Read more on TIP-19.
  • Updated transaction structure, furthermore added inputs commitment and network identifier for user protection and security. Inputs and outputs of a transaction don't have to be sorted anymore. Read more in TIP-20.
  • Tagged Data Payloads replace Indexation Payloads. The former are no longer indexed by the core nodes. Read more in TIP-23.
  • Tangle Messages are replaced by Tangle Blocks to align with the terminology of the upcoming IOTA 2.0 protocol. Read more in TIP-24.
  • Redesigned Core Node API. Indexing or additional processing logic has been removed and off-loaded to INX applications. Read more in TIP-25.
  • Wallets may use the brand new Indexer API to query the ledger state.
  • Node Event API (MQTT) has been extended to account for the updated ledger models. Read more in TIP-28.
  • The Milestone Payload has been redesigned to support fluid protocol and parameter upgrades, Proof-of-Inclusion and much more. Read more in TIP-29
  • Snapshots that hold the copy of the ledger state at a given time have been redesigned. Read more in TIP-35
  • Chronicle has been reimplemented as an INX extension, furthermore it supports the Core Node API TIP-25, but also the History API TIP-36