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Run a Private Tangle

HORNET Node Private Tangle

This guide explains how you can run your own private tangle. Private tangles are targetted at developers wanting to test their solutions in a private network environment.


  1. A recent release of Docker enterprise or community edition. You can find installation instructions in the official Docker documentation.
  2. Docker Compose CLI plugin.

Download the latest release

Once you have completed all the installation requirements, you can download the latest release by running:

mkdir private_tangle
cd private_tangle
curl -L -O ""
tar -zxf HORNET-2.0.0-rc.5-private_tangle.tar.gz

Bootstrap your network

To bootstrap the network you should run:


Run your network

To run the private tangle you should run:


This will start the private tangle using a coordinator node and second node. You can use ./ 3 or ./ 4 to start the private tangle with additional nodes instead.

Start the coordinator in case of failure

The inx-coordinator container always starts together with the other containers if you execute the ./ command. It may happen that the node startup takes longer than expected due to bigger databases or slow host machines. In that case the inx-coordinator container shuts down and won't be restarted automatically for security reasons.

If you want to restart the inx-coordinator separately, run the following command:

docker compose start inx-coordinator

Access your network

All the information required to access the private tangle is contained inside the