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IOTA 2.0 Coordicide



The vision of a fully decentralized, feeless and highly scalable distributed ledger technology.

IOTA has always worked towards solving the big goal in crypto. Solving the blockchain trilemma and creating a network that is permissionless, trustless, totally decentralized, easily accessible for everyone, fast, secure, leaderless, scalable and ready for mass adoption. The goal is to reach this without sacrificing one of the three major points: security, scalability, decentralization.

Testnet implementation

Over the last couple of years, IOTA has put an immense amount of research into developing a network that can be all the above described. Currently, this network is live in the GoShimmer network

This network has been live since the beginning of 2020 and is the testbed for all research implementations that aim to improve the approach to bring this technology finally to the IOTA mainnet and remove the Coordinator node. More and more maturity has been reached, as described in this blog.

The IOTA Research Team test all Coordicide components together with the community in this public testnet. Everyone can participate, spin up a node in the network, test the solutions, and support the research.

Step by step, the technology is improving, and the IOTA Research Team has used this network to produce a large amount of scientific papers that go through full peer review processes ensuring the mathematical validation of all implemented solutions.

A summary of the research can be found in this collection of videos recorded with internationally renowned scientists at the IOTA Research Symposium that took place in August 2021

A website that gives the most recent information, links to the relevant research papers and specifications, has also been created:

You will find all the necessary information on this website, observe the network live using the visualizer, and find all related research papers and specifications.

Currently, the network undergoes a big upgrade as some major breakthroughs have been made and new components will be added and tested to find the final form and solution towards implementing the technology on the IOTA mainnet. Read more in this blogpost: