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Roadmap to Decentralization

IOTA's long-awaited Coordicide update will completely decentralize the network.

What is Coordicide?

Coordicide, also known as IOTA V2, is an upcoming update to IOTA's core protocol that will enable the complete decentralization of the network and will, at the same time, significantly improve performance on the protocol.

An overview of the Coordicide concepts can be found in this video series produced by the IOTA Foundation:

And in this section of our Wiki defines the detailed specifications of all components:

The first implementation of Coordicide is already live: you can learn everything about it on this website:

The next evolution of this process will be to transfer the tested Coordicide protocol in a staging network. Therefore, the Shimmer network and the $SMR token will be created. It will be the first network with real value to battle test the Coordicide concepts in a production network. Once vested and proofed in the Shimmer network, the concepts will be applied to the IOTA mainnet.

When Will Coordicide Take Place?

Although no current roadmap date has been specified, Coordicide has been placed on the official IOTA roadmap, which shows the next steps to be taken before completion.