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Version: IOTA

Getting Started With Rust


To use the library, you should update Rust to the latest stable version. You can update your Rust installation by running the following command:

rustup update stable

The nightly version should also be fine, but some changes might not be compatible.

no_std is not currently supported. We are working on it in Bee, and will provide it as feature once the new implementation is ready.

Using the Library

To use the library, you will simply need to add it as dependency in your Cargo.toml:

iota-client = { git = "", branch = "production" }
# asynchronous runtime
tokio = { version = "1.12.0", features = ["full"] }

After you have added it, you can use the library in your code with use iota_client;.


You can use the following example to initialize the library and fetch node information.

use iota_client::Client;

async fn main() {
let iota = Client::builder() // Create a client instance builder

let info = iota.get_info().await.unwrap();
println!("Nodeinfo: {:?}", info);