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Version: IOTA

Get Outputs


You can learn more about Outputs in the Messages, Payloads and Transactions section.

There are three functions you can use to get Unspent Transaction Output (UTXO) outputs related an address.

Client.get_address().outputs(address: String, options: OutputOptions)

This Client.get_address().outputs(address: String, options: OutputOptions) expects an address in Bech32 format and will get all outputs that use a given address. You can use OutputOptions to limit the returned results.

public static void getOutputs() {
try {
Client iota = node();

String address = "atoi1qzt0nhsf38nh6rs4p6zs5knqp6psgha9wsv74uajqgjmwc75ugupx3y7x0r";

UtxoInput[] outputs = iota.getAddress().outputs(address, new OutputsOptions());
System.out.println("The outputs of address " + address + " are: " + Arrays.toString(outputs));
} catch (ClientException e) {
System.out.println("Error: " + e.getMessage());

Output example:


Client.getOutput(output_id: String)

The Client.getOutput(output_id: String) function to get metadata about the an output_id:

Client.findOutputs(output_ids:String[], addresses:String[])

The Client.findOutputs(output_ids:String[], addresses:String[]) function expects an array of Strings representing the output ids to look up, as well as an array of Strings representing the addresses to look up.