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Version: IOTA

Generate a Seed


You can learn more about seeds in the Explanations Section.

Avoid Seed Generators

Please note, it is highly recommended that you avoid using online seed generators. The seed is the only key to the given addresses. So, anyone who owns the seed also owns all the funds related to respective IOTA addresses.

You can generate a seed, for example, using the SHA256 algorithm on some random input generated by a cryptographically secure pseudo-random generator, such as SecretKey.generate():

public static void generateSeed() {
try {
SecretKey secret_key = SecretKey.generate();
} catch (ClientException e) {
System.out.println("Error: " + e.getMessage());

Output example:

pass phrase weapon yellow diary scissors gift drive strategy antique scheme make surround aerobic mystery coral hope lock walnut become exclude only glove syrup

Though it is possible to send transactions with, we strongly recommend that you use the official library together with the enclave for value-based transfers. This combination incorporates the best security practices while dealing with seeds, related addresses, and UTXO.