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Version: IOTA

Backup and Security

Security Checklist

  • I use Stronghold.
  • I use a strong password (32 character length, Shannon Entropy ~ 4.0) for encrypting the stronghold.
  • I rotate the stronghold password on a regular basis.
  • I create a daily backup of the stronghold.snapshot file.
  • I keep a secure history of passwords used for recovery.
  • I use a secure password management service that integrates with the server.
  • I use a linux based server (best memory security).
  • I have isolated my server behind a DMZ.
  • Don't use SQLite.
  • Don't store passwords and backups on the same device.

How to Backup Your Account

You can use a copy of the stronghold.snapshot file as a backup. You can implement a cronjob, rsync or scp with a date-time suffix to periodically back up your account.

How to Restore From a Backup

Place a snapshot file in the directory that expects.

How to Export a User's Stronghold

You can create a new Stronghold snapshot on the fly to allow a user to leave your service and retain their key.

How to Rekey a Stronghold/Password Rotation

To change a Stronghold password, you read a snapshot into a vault and then write it out with a new encryption password. You can view this code for the source.


Old snapshot backups will not be "rekeyed", so you have to track your old passwords.