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Integration Services

The IOTA Integration Services implement a high-level API for common interactions with decentralized identities and Data Streams based on the IOTA Identity and IOTA Streams libraries, facilitating the integration of IOTA into existing digital infrastructure.

The solutions developed by the Integration Services are domain agnostic and can be applied to several use cases, ranging from e-commerce to healthcare and beyond.

IOTA Audit Trail Gateway

The Audit Trail Gateway allows third-party entities to easily log and share immutable information, while other authorized third parties can access this information and verify its integrity and authenticity.

Self-Sovereign Identity(SSI) Bridge

The Self-Sovereign Identity(SSI) Bridge enables the creation, issuing, and verification of trusted self-sovereign decentralized identities and credentials.

What You Will Find

This documentation has eight sections.

  1. Getting started: All the resources you need to get started.
  2. Explanations: An introduction to the main concepts, use cases and API definitions for the Audit Trail Gateway and Self-Sovereign Identity(SSI) Bridge.
  3. How-Tos: How-to guides covering the following topics:
    1. Integration Services SDK: How-to guides on creating and managing decentralized identities, verifiable credentials, and channels using the Integration Services SDK.
    2. Integration Services CLI: How-to guides on creating and managing decentralized identities using the Integration Services Command Line Interface.
    3. Authentication: How-to guide to authenticate your identity using the Integration Services SDK or Java and Node.js.
  4. References: Detailed specification of all endpoints for:
  5. Troubleshooting: Instructions on how to resolve any issues you may encounter while using the services.
  6. FAQ: Answers to the most common doubts.
  7. Contribute: Find ways to help the project.
  8. Contact: Get in touch with the Integration Services team.

Join the Discussion

If you are looking for a place to discuss this library, or are in need of support head to our Discord channel #integration-services.


When using the demo integration services deployment, please refrain from logging any personal data. The framework is still under development and should only be used for testing. As multiple entities can have access to this demo and its associated database, the IOTA foundation cannot be held responsible for any data logged using this deployment. If you need a dedicated and secure solution for a production-ready use case, either deploy your IS locally or please get in touch [email protected] so we can assist you with our dedicated expertise.

Bug Reporting

Please report any bugs found whilst engaging with any part of the integration services to [email protected]