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Software Architecture and APIs Definition

ecommerce-audit-trail-bridge List of provided APIs.

The Audit Trail GW implementation provides the following services:

Channel Service

You can use this service to create new channels in the Tangle. The identity creating the channel becomes the channel’s author. The author can read all messages and write data into the channel. Authorized subscribers can also use this service to read and write from/to the channel (see Subscription Service).

Prefix: /api/{{version}}/channels

Channel Info Service

You can use this service to search for one or more channels stored by the API. It can query for all the channels created by a specific identity or topic. It also allows you to keep or remove any channel from the database.

Prefix: /api/{{version}}/channel-info


When you remove a channel from your database, it will not be removed from the ledger since data on the Tangle is immutable. The service will only remove the index from your database.

Subscription Service

You can use this service to manage subscriptions to a specific channel. Identities can subscribe to a specific channel identified by a unique channel address. The channel's author can then decide whether to authorize the identity to read from the channel or write to it. The channel’s author can still revoke access to the channel at any time. This service can also list all authorized subscriptions to a channel.

Prefix: /api/{{version}}/subscription