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In this example we will show how to create Identities, Channels and how to subscribe to a channel, authorize a Subscriber and write data into a Channel.

Create json files

First create two files identityA.json and identitiyB.json for creating these Identities with the CLI in the next step. Rename the username field in identityB.json into actorB.

"username": "actorA",
"claimType": "User",
"claim": {
"name": "John",
"surname": "Smith"

Create the Identities

is create-identity -i examples/identityA.json -o identityA.json 
is create-identity -i examples/identityB.json -o identityB.json 

Create a Channel

Next we will create a private Channel with a topic logs and the source device and save the created Channel in a file called channelA.json. For public Channels add the option -pC. For public Channels a subscriber is automatically authorized to the Channel but can't write into it. The user can read the history of this channel with the command is read-channel-history.

is create-channel -i identityA.json -t logs -s device -o channelA.json test-channel

Write to Channel

The creator of the Channel can directly write into it.

is write-channel -i identityA.json -p "hello world" -c channelA.json

Request Subscription

Other users need to subscribe to a Channel first.

is subscribe-channel -i identityB.json -c channelA.json

Authorize Subscription

The creator of the Channel authorizes a subscriber.

is authorize-subscription -i identityA.json -c channelA.json <Id of identityB>

Write Message as a Subscriber

After the authorization the subscriber can write into the Channel.

is write-channel -i identityB.json -p "Can you hear me?" -c channelA.json

Read Channel

The subscriber can read the Channel entries but only ones created after he/she was authorized to the Channel.

is read-channel -i identityB.json -c channelA.json

Read History of Channel

The user can also read the history of a Channel.

is read-channel-history -i identityB.json -c channelA.json -sK <preshared key of channelA> 

Especially if the Channel is public it is the only way for the subscriber to read from the Channel. For that add the option -pC and remove the option for the preshared Key -sK.

is read-channel-history -i identityB.json -c channelA.json -pC

Revoke Subscription

At any time the creator of a Channel can revoke the Subscription of other users.

is revoke-subscription -i identityA.json -c channelA.json -sI <Id of identityB>

Find Subscription

We can also double check if the Subscription is revoked by simply trying to find it.

is find-subscription -i identityA.json -c channelA.json -sI <Id of identityB> 


is help

For one specific command

is <command> --help