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Local Setup

This section will guide you in setting up the Integration Services API using Docker Compose.


Please make sure to have the following dependencies installed before continuing:

Download the Project

Clone the project by running the following command:

git clone


Use the Integration Services CLI to configure the API. The CLI configures your .env and mongo-init.json files.

  1. Navigate to the root folder:
cd integration-services
  1. Configure the API:
npx @iota/[email protected] setup-docker

Run Integration Services API

You can start the Integration Services API by running the following commands in the same root directory:

docker-compose --env-file .env up --build

It is totally normal to see error : No root identity found! while the containers are starting up. After startup there should be no remaining errors. Now you are done with the docker-compose setup. To make sure that everything works as expected read the next section.

Test your API

By following this section you can check if the installation was successful.

Check Container

First we want to test if all docker container started up correctly.

List all container:

docker-compose ps

You should be able to see all container except api_initialize-audit-trail_1 and api_initialize-ssi-bridge_1 in a Up state.

                       Name                                     Command               State                       Ports                    
integration-services_audit-trail-gw_1 node ... Up 3000/tcp
integration-services_initialize-audit-trail_1 node ... Exit 0
integration-services_initialize-ssi-bridge_1 node ... Exit 0
integration-services_ssi-bridge_1 node ... Up 3000/tcp
is-dashboard npm r ... Up>3000/tcp
mongo mongod Up>27017/tcp
traefik / --api.insec ... Up>80/tcp,>8080/tcp

Check Endpoints

Now you can check if you can reach the audit-trail-gw and ssi-brdige via http by running the following commands:

curl http://localhost:3000/audit-trail-gw/info
curl http://localhost:3000/ssi-bridge/info


We also supply a dashboard with the Integration Services. You can reach the dashboard in your browser via:



Im getting errors like error : could not connect to mongodb and error : MongoError: Authentication failed. when setting up the container.

Please make sure to delete all old MongoDB containers in your Integration Services installation you created earlier. -> All data in your local database will be lost
-> Stop the container: docker stop mongo and delete it docker rm -v mongo