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Ecommerce-Audit Trail Gateway (GW)

The Ecommerce-Audit Trail Gateway allows you to create and share immutable data channels and store the channel’s data on the IOTA Tangle. A channel is implemented as an IOTA Stream and can handle multiple different types of Subscribers. When you request Read, Writeor ReadAndWrite access to a channel, you become a channel Subscriber. However, it is up to the channel’s creator (Author) to authorize these requests. In addition to authorized subscribers, the author can always read and write messages in the channel.


The Audit Trail GW currently integrates the SSI Bridge to identify and authorize subscribers. This means anyone interacting with the audit trail must create their own Identity beforehand.

In the future, you will be able to remove this dependency and deploy the Audit Trail and Gateway in the presence of other (centralized) Accounting, Authentication, and Authorization (AAA) systems.

The figure below shows a logic architecture with the integration of both IOTA Integration Services.